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The Reigle Aviator

August 2014 Edition

A monthly communiqué for the pilots of Reigle Aviation

Some of the Latest

            Last year Sporty's Pilot Shop introduced the Stratus 2. What is Stratus 2 you ask? It's a portable GPS, ADS-B In and AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) unit. There are other competitive units, however the Stratus 2 is the most popular and affordable model to use in conjunction with the ForeFlight iPad app. The Stratus 2 sells for $899, which allows your iPad to plot your position on sectionals, display the latest weather, Metars, Tafs, winds aloft, nearly live weather radar and other traffic in your vicinity. Additionally, the AHRS unit allows you to literally fly instruments right off your iPad! I just purchased one while at Oshkosh. It is an incredible tool that does things that would've cost over $20,000 to install just a few years ago. Do some research and consider getting the Stratus 2 to take flying in your cockpit... You won't be disappointed.

            Safe Flying, Duane Reigle.


            Our next IMC Club meeting will be on Tuesday, September 2, at 7:00 pm. Following a new video scenario, we will have a discussion about digital engine monitor use, capabilities, and what they can tell you about your engine. Suggestions? Let me, Marc, know! Contact md_martini@hotmail.com

Keep'em Flyin'

On engine start (and anytime possible while on the ground), keep RPM at or below about 1,100. This will help prevent the prop from picking up stones and dirt which cause knicks and wear on the prop.

Instructor's Corner

For take off and landing, proper technique is to keep one hand on the throttle, until up to or once below pattern altitude. On take off, this will prevent the throttle from orking itself out, reducing power, and also will allow for a quick abort if needed while still on the runway. On landing, it will allow you to make small power changes without having to look for the correct knob, and allow for a timely go around if called for close to the runway.


August 9th Fun and Fly in, S37 - Smoketown Airport Breakfast & Lunch, seminars, flour bombing, free t-shirts

August 23-24th New Gardent Airport, N57 - Flyin breakfast, static displays, airshow, need we say more

August 31st Fly-In/Drive-In, KCBE - Greater Cumberland. All you can eat breakfast - $7.00

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